Fascias and Soffits explained

Fascias and Soffits explained

01st OF April

Fascias and Soffits explained

What is a Soffit?

If you stand underneath the overhang of your foot and look up you will be able to see your soffit (if you have one). The soffit is the covering which sits between the edges of your roof and the wall of the house which protects and seals the feet of the rafters.

Most modern soffits and now made of uPVC and uPVC soffits and fascias are hardwearing and can cope well with exposure to moisture. On older properties there may be wooden soffits which are popular as a rustic or period feature but are much more susceptible to rot and decay which in turn threatens the integrity of the rest of your roof. 

What is a Fascia?

Fascias were traditionally a softwood board mounted to any exposed edges of the rafters, in more recent years there have also been replaced with high grade uPVC to avoid the high chance of rotting. The fascia’s purpose is to protect and seal the roof and obviously the interior of your home from the elements, they also support the roof tiles at the eaves level and provide support for your guttering. They are also much more cosmetically pleasing that being able to see the exposed rafters.

fascia and soffits

Look at our previous blog post about frequency of replacement and why its important to keep your fascias and soffits in good order. It is usually much more cost effective to look after these elements of your roofline than to rectify damage caused by leaks or moisture getting into your home.

At the Fascia and Soffits Company we can help you keep your fascias and soffits in great working order or replace or rotting system to a more hardwearing and maintenance friendly uPVC system. Let us know if we can help.