Why UPVC? – The Fascia and Soffits Company

Why UPVC? – The Fascia and Soffits Company

20th OF June


When something goes wrong with components of your wood roof, it can be hard to stop the rot. Have you ever gone home from a lengthy day at work and discovered a leak? It’s one of the worst things to possibly happen since there’s no ‘quick fix’ for a roof. You can put buckets all over the house but that won’t fix your roof. If you have an old house especially, they’re most likely predominately wood. Wood looks great but it’s a well-known fact that wood and water don’t mix very well. This is the main reason that we’d recommend you change your key roofing components to UPVC but there’s also many other positives which we’ll explain here.

There’s numerous parts crucial to maintaining your roof including fascia, soffits, guttering, downpipes and dry verge.

We’d recommend UPVC fascia and soffits for numerous reasons. Compared to wood, UPVC offers much better protection. UPVC fascia and soffits are maintenance free which cannot be said for wood. It also looks better than wood, UPVC does not age quickly. The performance of our fascia in much superior to wood as no rodents or weather will be able to get past it. With wood, if it is years old, there will possibly be gaps that rodents could get through and gaps for water to sit in, damaging the wood. UPVC is much more thermally efficient as no heat can get out (meaning no cold can get in!), which is crucial in the cold winter months. UPVC is incredibly durable, lasting for years. These positives make changing to UPVC a cost-effective and lengthy solution to your wood issues.

Sorting out your gutters is crucial. You may wonder how making sure your gutters are fine effects your roof, so we’ll explain. As guttering faces relentless exposure to the elements, it can really take its toll over the years. This leads to leaks, damp and potentially structural issues. Especially with the poor weather of recent years, it might be time to consider changing your guttering to UPVC. Changing to UPVC gutters is much simpler than it seems, especially with us. It’s cost-effective and won’t take long to do. UPVC of course is tough and durable meaning that your property will be safer for years to come whilst looking modern at the same time. UPVC gutters require not maintenance so they’re perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

Downpipes are a key feature and you may not even realise it. They’re important to make sure that excess water can be removed from your roof. If your downpipe is not effective, this can quite easily lead to floods and requiring a new roof! Downpipes, like gutters, face persistent exposure to extreme weather, making wear and tear common. If you switch to UPVC, this brings a multitude of benefits. UPVC is hard – wearing which can withstand the unending strain of British weather. In addition to this, our UPVC downpipes look stylish, making your home look more modern. Our guttering systems are all supplied by the same manufacturer so all the colours will match, crucial to a clean look for your property.

Dry Verge is used to neaten up your roof without the need for mortar. UPVC Dry Verge keeps the appearance of your roof looking great for years. As with the previous products, this one is also hard-wearing, offering a long lifespan compared to other materials. UPVC looks great but also has other benefits such as being watertight and making sure to keep birds or large insects from nesting there. UPVC Dry Verge is suitable for any house, new or old, due to how flexible UPVC is. UPVC Dry Verge is known to last years and doesn’t have the maintenance issues that traditional wet verges are known to have.

Hopefully this guide on the benefits of UPVC have helped you decide what’s best for your home, if you require any extra information then feel free to get in touch as our friendly staff would be pleased to help you. You can also get a quote today to start planning your new-look property!