What you need to check over the summer – The Fascia and Soffits Company

What you need to check over the summer – The Fascia and Soffits Company

25th OF June

What you need to check over the summer

Whilst it’s summer and the weather is fantastic (Hopefully!) it’s the perfect time to check outdoors and start doing outdoor DIY jobs you’ve left throughout the winter. All of these little cost-effective changes can make your house more appealing to the eye as well as making sure that you face no issues when the weather turns bad again.

Firstly, we’d recommend checking all around your house to make sure that all your fascia and soffit boards are ok. Are you sat there asking what both these things are? The fascia is a long board joined at the point where your roof meets the walls. The fascia is there to support the bottom row of your roof tiles and all your guttering. This means that its key qualities are being strong, requiring little maintenance and resistant to the weather. Soffits are what sits between your fascia and the wall of your home. It’s designed to seal your roof space from things entering such as rain and animals. Now you know what both are, we’d recommend that you went to check that both are fine after a long winter full of merciless weather. If there’s any problems, our recommendation would be to get in touch and we’ll rapidly weatherproof your home so you have nothing to worry about. We have many years of experience, we work hard to maintain high standards of work and health & safety.

Next, you should check all your guttering. If you haven’t had new guttering for years, this is especially important. Guttering can become damaged after years which can cause leaks and therefore damp and structural issues. Replacing your guttering is simple and cost-effective as a deterrence to leaks. Our UPVC is especially good value and will protect your property for several years. UPVC is known for being tough and hard-wearing so you can feel assured that your house is protected.

It’s also important that you check downpipes as these are also important to extending your roof’s lifespan. Downpipes face constant exposure to all types of weather so it is best to check they have not been damaged throughout the winter. Our UPVC downpipes are again cost-effective so if there is any damage, this is what we would recommend. In addition to being strong enough to maintain weather for years to come, UPVC downpipes can also be appealing to the eye. You don’t need to worry when ordering off us as all our guttering systems are provided by the same manufacturer so there won’t be mismatches with colour that there may be if supplies were ordered from different manufacturers.  With downpipes being available in all different colours, you can pick whatever suits your house best.

Finally, you should check that no Dry Verge has blown off in the extreme weather. If you don’t know what dry verge is, it’s a sturdy and watertight material that is used to tidy up your roof edges and protect from water. Dry Verge is also a mortar free solution used for all large sized concrete tiles regardless of who has manufactured them. UPVC Dry Verge is a cost-effective method which can be used to finish of verge detail as well as overcoming potential problems regularly linked to mortar verges. Now you know what you’re looking for, if there were any issues, you can get in touch and we would help you to get your problem solved in very little time.

So now you know what to check, make the most of the good weather and make sure your house is fine for another winter!