Gutter Repairs

Gutter Repairs

Gutter Repairs

Have you checked if your gutters are blocked or leaking? Have you noticed that water is holding in your gutters or water is draining more slowly than usual from your gutters?

Guttering is an important part of the roofline of your property and it is a good idea to keep your gutters functioning properly. If you do not maintain your gutters then a fairly inexpensive gutter repair task could over time become a huge and costly building project.

gutter repairs


Water can be a very damaging element to your house and if you gutters are blocked or damaged then the rainwater will not be disposed of in the way it was intended. It will flow down your outside walls and windows of your property. This soaking over a period of time if not rectified with a guttering repair will eventually cause water damage to the walls and window frames resulting in what could have been avoidable costs.

The Fascia and Soffits Company will always where possible repair your existing guttering – we won’t just automatically suggest that new guttering needs to be installed if it is more economical to make a repair. Please contact us if you would like us to come and survey your existing guttering.

We can if necessary install new guttering but will advise you of this and the reasons why should this become evident on survey. As previously stated wherever possible we will undertake a gutter repair and suggest a maintenance regime to ensure that you can keep your gutters in good order.

In England we do have a lot of weather and rain is very common throughout the year. With other weathers such as ice and heat being common in this country your gutters have to contend with a lot of stress. Regular cleaning and maintenance and gutter repairs as and when necessary is the best way to avoid any unintended damage to your property.